Key features of OnCustomer

The prominent tools provided by OnCustomer to help you communicate with customers better


Unlimited connection to Facebook Fanpage, Facebook Messenger, Zalo, and all your websites (wordpress live chat plugin)

System indicators

First response time, issue resolution time for customers, customer satisfaction, and more

Automatic chat routing

Automatically direct conversations to the right member, relevant department, enhancing customer experience on the website

Send campaign messages

Personalize customer experience, send automated campaign messages based on detailed customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

Manage customer experience by categorizing information, powerful customer grouping

Frequently Asked Questions

First live chat with built-in FAQ feature right on the chat

Connect information with CRM, via API

Connect powerful Customer 360 information center from fragmented data areas

CSAT satisfaction rating

Evaluate customer satisfaction with your service using the CSAT index and strong reports

Customer information tracking

Track, store customer information even when customers visit the website and have never contacted you before

Automatic customer guidance
Available 24/7 with Webbot

Always proactively greet and introduce customers

Automatically greet and suggest attractive destinations on the website. Webbot can introduce new customers and welcome old customers.

Smart trigger - automatically send context-appropriate messages

Set up and schedule sending action-promoting messages (advice, appointment scheduling, discounts, etc.) to active customers on the website

Automatic classification of high-quality customers

Automatically identify customers interested in products to tag, assign to agents, and increase the ability to close orders immediately.

24/7/365 - Ready to guide customers to exciting points

Webbot operates continuously, can replace many personnel at various times such as working hours, days off, holidays, etc.

Create a great customer experience

Do not keep customers waiting. Customers always receive quick answers and are guided to their needs appropriately. This increases satisfaction & chances of returning to the store.

Recognize customer information

Double the speed of recognizing customers with displaying information as soon as customers message, providing enough information to communicate with customers more easily

Session Replay - access history information

Even if customers have not interacted at all, you already have historical information from a long time ago

Simple integration

Integrate information easily with the systems you are using, from CRM to Zalo, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Page. Display right on the platform

Make decisions quickly

You know customer information, location, income level, or customer status, you make decisions quickly and win

Automatic lead capture and import
By Chatbot & CRM

Capture leads with chatbot

Chatbot automatically greets and captures leads as soon as they use the business product

Automatically import leads into CRM

Your employees receive lead information earliest, most fully and proactively

Do not miss any messages, comments

Do not let customers just visit your website, message on your Facebook and leave no information

Manage interactions
Only on a single platform

Manage Fanpage, Facebook Message

Messages and comments go to and from multiple Facebook Messenger, Fanpage, purchase, communication from Facebook in only one place

Manage Zalo

Feature to send and receive messages from multiple Zalo Official Accounts right on the same platform

Call information

Connect to the switchboard to listen to call history immediately when customers need you

Information management
Based on detailed index reports

Supports you in eliminating emotional decisions, improving accuracy with information always available whenever you need

Customer index reports

Customer source information, percentage of new customers, geographical location of customers

Satisfaction index reports

You say you communicate with customers well, so are your customers really satisfied

Employee performance

Detailed reports on performance of each employee, you manage the team better

News and Press

What do people talk about OnCustomer

Our customer care department structure has become more streamlined, OnCustomer helps us understand the capacity and effectiveness of each employee.
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Mr. Tuấn Hà

CEO Vinalink & VAG
The amount of feedback complaining about our service quality has halved just after 2 weeks of applying OnCustomer to our business website.
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Mr. Trương Gia Toàn

CEO Vinatext
Managing multi-channels is no longer a headache for us, it has become our competitive strength compared to our competitors.
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Mr. Nguyễn Văn Phương

CEO Sage Academy

Frequently Asked Questions about OnCustomer

Do not let customers just come and go, use OnCustomer and cherish every customer no matter how small

The most effective multi-channel customer experience management platform, OnCustomer is the tool to satisfy your customers, please your incoming guests, and satisfy your outgoing guests
You spend a lot of money to acquire a customer, but if your customer is not satisfied, they will immediately switch to other stores/businesses that compete with you on a daily basis.

Using OnCustomer double customer satisfaction and keep your customers stay
It only takes 5 minutes to connect OnCustomer to your website. Register and embed the Widget on your website, connect your Zalo or Facebook to start

You can also click on the chatbox at the bottom of the page for assistance from us
OnCustomer is free for life for small customers

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